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Articles and Publications

This page contains articles that were published over the last few years. To read the article (mind you it's the draft, the way we sent it to the magazines) click on the bar. The way the articles were created was that I had the idea and made a quick draft after which Karin edited and brought back to a readable and comprehensive piece.

My first cover on a dive magazine

November 2011. My very first printed cover on a dive magazine. Divestyle is a South African dive magazine.

2006   article: Longimania (Oceanic white tip sharks) Duikmagazin2007  article: Macroleven in de Rode Zee ( macrolife in the Red Sea) Duikmagazine
Oceanic photo used for advertisement purposes in Duikmagazine.

2007 Top Trumps- Sharks. Haynes Publishing. Contributing photos.

2009 article Symphony of light,  Duikmagazine (dutch diving magazine)

2009  Article  Tigermania  in Sportdiver


2009  Photo use  in advertisement Zavora in Tauchen

2009  Article Zavora in Italian divemagazine

2009  Article Macrolife in the Red Sea  in Sportdiver

2009 article Zavora in Sportdiver

2009 photos for article about Red Sea in Sportdiver

2010 Article Symphony of light (southern Red Sea caves)  in Sportdiver

2010 Sales folder BlueOTwo
April and further, photos used in all 3 English dive magazines for advertisement for   Blue O Two.

2010 Featured photographer in the Equalizer

 2010 photos for article about Red Sea in Sportdiver

2009  contribution for Children’s book; Eye wonder shark

2010 contribution for children’s book; Oceans alive: cuttlefish

2010 contribution for National Geographic Explorer Grades 2-3

2010 Apple I-tunes app. Aqua Life Images Fish id book

2010 Apple I-tunes app. Guide to UW photography editing and manipulations. Also in print.

2010 Apple I-tunes app. Treasures of the Sea. 100 photos and quotes.

2010 Apple I-tunes app. Guide to UW Advanced UW photography.

2011 Apple I-tunes app  Sharks of the Red Sea (also in print. app Guide to UW photography lighting

2011  Photos to go with article Red Sea for South African Magazine “divestyle”

2011 Photo Giannis D wreck in Culinary magazine

2011 Cover photo book “the amazing world beneath the waves”

2011 Cover Divestyle  (south African dive magazine)

2011 and on photos for advertisement for Red Sea Divers.

2011 Book; The diving photographer. With James Dawson and Johan Boshoff

2012 portfolio Dutch NOB magazine

2012  article Blue sharks, Sportdiver


2014 article Biorocks Pemuteran, Asian Diver


2014 article Biorocks Pemuteran, Ocean Geographic


2014 Photo half page in The undersea journal (PADI)           3rd Q 14


2015 Photos Biorock DYK

2016 3rd place and honorable mention Beneath the             Sea  creative category

2016  photo in Asian diver full page

2017  2x honourable mention Beneath the Sea                      creative  category

2017  Photos for articles about SunSuko resort in                  Pemuteran, Bali for Schweitzer Illustrierte

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